10 Gorgeous And Easy Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Searching for outdoor lighting ideas? It just makes sense to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible when the weather is nice. You have the backyard, the perfect collection of outdoor furniture, the grill, and everything else that can make an outdoor space perfect for bringing together family and friends.

But what can you do about the lighting? There are so outdoor lighting ideas out there. Some are of the DIY variety, while others require a few dollars investment to bring your outdoor area to life.

outdoor lighting ideas

outdoor lighting ideas

Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas

Which way is the best way to go? You need some outdoor party lighting ideas, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on patio lights, deck lighting, string lights, and other readily available methods of lighting up your outdoor space.

That’s perfectly reasonable. Since there are so many different ways to light up the outdoors on your own, let’s take a look at 10 easy, economical ideas for shining a little illumination on your backyard or similar area.

outdoor party lighting ideas

outdoor party lighting ideas

outdoor wedding lighting ideas

outdoor wedding lighting ideas

Outdoor Landscape Ideas

Lighting Ideas You Can Do Yourself

While there is nothing wrong with purchasing any one of the expensive outdoor lighting ideas that are available to you. But first, consider some of these great ideas that are either inexpensive, or even possible to do on your own. Any one of these outdoor landscape ideas can give your outdoor area a personal touch unlike anything else your friends and family have ever seen. They may even give you a few ideas of your own.

outdoor patio lighting ideas

outdoor patio lighting ideas

Try any of these 10 gorgeous (and easy!) lighting ideas to create the perfect mood for the perfect evening festivities:

1.)    Electric or battery-powered hanging bulbs can be a great way to get started.

2.)    Christmas coming up? Dip some yarn in glue, and then wrap it around a balloon.

3.)    Textured plastic from any hardware store can be turned into a great tube light.

4.)    If you can get your hands on an otherwise useless chandelier, you can turn into an elegant candle-holder. Perfect for an intimate dining area.

5.)    Candles in mason jars, with a few plants (such as succulents) thrown in, can create another ideal lighting arrangement for intimate dining.

6.)    When hung upside down, an unused basket can really bring a darkened outdoor area to life.

7.)    Hit the thrift stores, and spend a little time looking for those odd-shaped vases that seem to line up entire shelves. You’ll likely find something ideal for turning into a source of light.

8.)    You can also use old vases, or even jars, to create original hanging lanterns.

9.)    The great thing about Moroccan lanterns is the range of prices they can fall under. Finding one to suit your wallet is easier than you think.

10.) Holiday lights year-round? Why not? Don’t go overboard, and you’ve got something understated and gentle that will work wonders.

outdoor string lighting ideas

outdoor string lighting ideas

You really don’t have to spend an arm and leg on this. Plenty of cheap ideas exist that can accomplish the same feat in eye-pleasing fashion.

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