10 Tips on Choosing the Best Shower Head

Consider The Features


When you buy a hand held shower, you want a shower head that has the features you want.

For example, if you want a hand held shower head that lets you trickle the water so it will not

come out too forcefully or if you want the best hand held shower head that is suitable for the

elderly or disabled, look for a shower head that is suitable for these persons if you are a



Think About The Style of The Shower Head


When you look for a hand held shower head, you want to choose one that complements the

style of the bathroom. If your bathroom is decorated in Art Deco style with hints of gold and

red, a brass or chrome shower head is a good choice.

hand held shower

hand held shower


Get a Shower Head With Anti-Scald Protection


If you have senior citizens or kids in the home, you should choose a hand held shower and

shower head that offers anti-scalding protection since very hot water that quickly comes out the

shower can burn your skin and cause scars.


Quality Over Price


While you want to stick to a budget, it is important that you not sacrifice quality for

affordability because you want a shower head that will last many years, therefore saving you

more money in the long run.

best hand held shower head

best hand held shower head


What Type of Shower Head Works Best for You?


A hand held shower allows you to focus the shower head on specific parts of the body while

the adjustable shower head lets you move it around although it still stays connected to the wall.

The fixed  shower head never moves from its’ position.


Energy Efficiency


If you are concerned about rising prices of utilities, you should look for an energy-efficient

shower head because this kind of hand held shower head will produce a lower amount of water

than the traditional shower heads. Look for the Energy Star rating when buying a shower head.

hand held shower hose

hand held shower hose


Ease of Use and Comfort Level


This is important because you don’t want a shower head that is difficult to use or that doesn’t

offer the level of comfort you want while you are in the shower. Read reviews of shower head

brands and look at what the reviewers wrote on ease of use and comfort.

hand held shower heads

hand held shower heads




The shower head you choose must be durable and not break easily because it gets frustrating

when you have to constantly replace them every few months.


Easy to Install


Another thing to consider is the ease of installation when buying a shower head. This is

especially true if you live alone and not too familiar with shower head installation.

hand held shower head holder

hand held shower head holder


Has a Nice Design Overall


A good shower head should look nice for the bathroom overall and there are shower heads that

come in numerous designs such as engraved patterns, mosaic tile patterns, paisley designs and

solid colored shower heads.

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