4 Landscaping Ideas that Can Accentuate the Property

Landscape lighting; image courtesy of outdoorlights.com

Landscape lighting; image courtesy of outdoorlights.com

When it comes to your property value, landscape design can weigh into how interested potential buyers can become. After all, it’s going to be the first thing they see aside from the outer walls of the home. While attractive designs can be a high selling point, you can also put effort into landscaping for no other reason than because you want to impress yourself or the neighbors. Here are a few ideas that have potential to meet all of your expectations.

Waterfalls and Ponds

Running waterfalls that feed into small ponds is an attractive addition that makes the yard seem alive. As no two natural stones are exactly alike, these constructs can offer a sense of individuality as they are inspired by others. You can also take it a step further and place koi and other fish in the pond.

Outdoor Lighting

Setting outdoor lighting can enhance your landscaping ideas by accentuating the constructs. For instance, you could create a small waterfall in the front yard while using landscape LED lighting to shine on the fall itself as well as other key points. This will bring the feature to life at night offering an incredible view of virtually anything you place on the lawn. Many people will use this lighting to enhance flower beds and walkways.

Flower Garden Imagery

By using different colors of flowers, you can use the garden to create a wide range of images. For example, you could plant various flowers to give an image of your favorite sports team logo. Some people have gone so far as to recreate their state or nation flags within the flowers. While this can be incredibly difficult as the plants may bloom at different intervals, it can be an eye-catching addition.

Stone Benches, Pools and Fountains

Natural stone can create an amazing look for various outdoor additions. Benches, pools and water fountains can have a unique look while enhancing the feeling of being surrounded by nature. However, stonework can be very difficult given the size of the stones you may want to use. Some homeowners have gone so far as to add larger boulders weighing more than a ton for their landscaping additions.

Like a blank canvas, landscaping allows the designer to paint with nature and develop engaging constructs. It is something that has helped many people relax while allowing homeowners to express themselves artistically for everyone to see. Find your inspiration and design something impressive for yourself and those that are awed by your front yard.

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