A Summer Pool in the Midst of Winter

For those who love to swim, and own a pool, swimming pool heaters are a god sent.  One of the most peaceful activities in life, is to swim.  Allowing the water to embrace your body, floating with the waves, moving smoothly and gracefully from one side of the pool to the other, all the while exercising your body and mind  and relaxing at the same time.  For many of us the swimming season is a short season of 3-5 months depending on where we live.  With electric or solar swimming pool heaters, not only can we extend the swimming season at our own pools, but we can swim in a warmer pool during cooler summer nights if we choose to.  To choose the best heater for you, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of each one of these heaters:


swimming pool heaters

swimming pool heaters


Electric Swimming Pool Heaters:


◦     Electric heaters are effective in temperatures as low as 45 to 50 degrees Farenheit.

◦     Electric swimming pool heaters are quite cheaper than a gas heater.  The cost of running the electric pump is about one third of a propane produced heat, and half of what it costs to that of a natural gas heater.

◦     You can enjoy a more consistent heat and performance from the heat pumps than solar swimming pool heaters as they can deliver heat even at night or during rainy weather.

◦     You won’t have to wait very long for your pool is heated after a cold period of time as the heater pumps are quick and effective with a low recovery time.

◦     Regardless of where you live, you can enjoy the fantastic feeling of swimming in a warm pool while cold rain is pouring, or float on your back and watch the skies and appreciate their beauty.


◦     Electric pumps do use electricity, and therefore your electric rate will continue to rise.

◦     Electric heaters are not quite as environmentally friendly as solar heaters.


Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters:


◦     Solar heaters significantly reduce your costs of heating your swimming pools, and have minimal annual operating cost, making your desire to swim during the cold season quite manageable financially.

◦     Because Solar pool heating systems are quite durable, and are designed to last between twenty to thirty years, you can enjoy your comfortable and warm swimming pool for many years to come.

◦     Solar energy is thoroughly environmentally friendly, which can allow you to swim with a clean conscience knowing that your warm pool is not harming the planet in any way.


◦     Solar energy works only when the sun is out, so you can only swim during the days that enjoy a clear sky and sunshine.

◦     Solar heaters take a while to heat up the water, and take a while to bring the water up to a comfortable temperature.

◦     Your solar collector area will need to be as large as 50-80% of the size of your pool to be effective.

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