Building Structures With Tubular Hardware

Modern engineering has led to the development of convenient hardware that does not require any fasteners. Construction costs for temporary structures can be significantly reduced by taking advantage of aluminum tubing. The basic concept of a boltless construction system is based on the fact that hollow metal bars can be connected to each other securely. Aluminum tubular components are available in rectangular and circular cross faces. The design of such parts is optimized for easy clicking and connecting that is reliable and secure.

boltless construction system; courtesy of

boltless construction system; courtesy of

There are plenty of applications of hardware that does not require any fasteners. For example, trade shows and exhibitions can be set up quickly without having to use any power drills and other equipment for driving each individual bolt, screw, nail and other items. Boltless hardware can also be used on a much smaller scale such as shelves and cabinets that are installed in offices. Temporary stages and platforms can be easily assembled by a system of long tubular bars that are designed to withstand heavy loads. Stress tests clearly conclude that aluminum parts with hollow designs are still strong enough to hold static and dynamic loads that are on the scale of thousands of pounds per square feet.

Connectors for tubular aluminum bars are L or T shaped brackets that easily slide onto any corner or joint that is formed. These connectors might be manipulated manually to apply extra pressure for a tight seal or connection between metallic bars that have hollow interiors and lightweight designs.

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