Diamond Use in Industrial Cutting

In the construction industry, contractors facing the toughest cutting jobs look to diamond blades to get the task done. Because diamond is the hardest substance known to man, the cutting and abrasive qualities are unsurpassed.

With hundreds of applications, diamond cutting is used for cutting concrete, asphalt, hardened steel, brick and masonry mortar and natural stone. They are commonly used in road work, masonry projects; stone counter top production and quarries. Firefighters often have diamond cutting blades attached to their rescue saws.

diamond blades illustration

diamond blades illustration

Most diamond cutting blades are circular hardened steel, with small industrial grade diamonds embedded into the edges of the blade. The diamonds may be embedded onto a nickel substance and electroplated to a steel blade, or they may be welded to the surface of the blade. For concrete and tile cutting, a “wet blade” is common, where a constant stream of water is used to keep the steel of the blade cool and prevent warping. Though more expensive than carbide tipped blades or abrasive blades, diamond cutting blades allow for faster cutting times and last far longer.

Contractors using diamond cutting materials will look for a manufacturer that employs high quality steel to its blades and superior bonding processes for the diamonds or diamond particles. Because of the expense of diamonds, manufacturers that offer a reasonable price with a quality product are highly sought.

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