Great Ideas For Contemporary Window Treatments

Contemporary window treatments add a touch of decorative detail to the interior of your home. However, window treatments have more uses than mere decoration. They create privacy and block light from getting into your house. The range of available options is diverse but it all depends on what your specific needs are. Preferences for aesthetics, the amount of light to block, and the window measurements should all be factored in when heading out for the hunt.

Contemporary window treatments

Contemporary window treatments

Need for Contemporary Curtains and Window Treatments

Functionally, window treatments help to regulate the amount of light that gets into a room. Whereas natural light from the sun helps to light up a room, it also has a number of downsides especially with constant exposure. Fading is the most common downside of constant light exposure. Furniture loses color and luster when exposed to constant direct sunlight. In addition, some light rays are potentially harmful to humans, so you may want to keep those ones from getting into your house.

contemporary curtains and window treatments

contemporary curtains and window treatments


There are many types of contemporary curtains and window treatments as well.

Curtains and drapes are extremely popular as they add that contemporary feel to your interior décor. Functionally, curtains and drapes do an excellent job too of blocking light. They are typically made from soft, flowing fabric in varying lengths, designs, and colors.

Shades are another type of window treatments that are typically made from conjoined fabric or flowing material, and span the same window width. They don’t need as much space as curtains and are easier to manage, but they create a more casual feel. You can choose from roman shades, bamboo shades, or roller shades, depending on what you want to create.

modern contemporary window treatments

modern contemporary window treatments

contemporary window treatments ideas

contemporary window treatments ideas

Blinds are also commonly used as window treatments. Blinds are the most affordable type of window treatment and consist of parallel slats running down or across the window. The slats are normally made from vinyl or wood and don’t use up a lot of space. They also give a characteristic neat look.

Shutters and valences are the other types of treatments that may be used.

Style Ideas

Minimalist lookDo away with the heavy coverings and replace them with simple, light shades. For instance, you can minimize on the fabric by using a decorated cornice.

Contemporary Kitchen Window Treatments

More light in the kitchen – While natural light should be kept minimal in other rooms, the kitchen is usually an exception. Pleated shades are just one example of contemporary kitchen window treatments. They work particularly well here as they provide adequate privacy while still allowing enough light into the kitchen.

Choose colors that are ‘in’ – When you go with fabric, ensure that it gives a contemporary look. The choices are endless here, but the rule of thumb is to choose cool, light colors for small spaces and warm, dark colors for relatively larger spaces.

Add a bit of texture – Texture definitely adds visual interest, so try a hot style like Roman shades made from any natural fiber such as bamboo.

So there you have it. Choose contemporary window treatments that match your needs to create the perfect mood and ambiance in your home.

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