Halogen Light

Something that often happens when you purchase a beautiful new lamp is to cheerfully place the lamp in just the right place where it accents a particular area. Then, after a period, the halogen light bulb burns out and replacement bulbs aren’t available anywhere.

Exterior with halogen picture

halogen for exterior wall – courtesy of halcyonlights.co.nz

When that happens, acquire your halogen replacement bulbs from GenesisLamp.com. They have all types of bulbs for things such as: Airport lighting Aircraft Obstruction Lighting Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL’s) LED Light Bulbs Photography Lighting Vehicle Warning Lights ANSI Coded Light Bulbs Scientific & Medical Bulbs High Intensity Discharge Light Bulbs Automotive Light Bulbs Incandescent Light Bulbs —And Halogen Light Bulbs Any type of light bulb that you need for most purposes are available online from GenesisLamp.com, quickly delivered and available in quantity.

Relieve the stress and hassle of finding just the correct bulbs that you need. You’ll love the convenience and ease of ordering online. Genesis Lamp Corporation provides most brands of lamps.

Their manufacturing and distribution capabilities make them one of the largest North American distributor of aviation and obstruction lighting products from Philips, Honeywell, Osram/Sylvania, H&P, Hughey, and Siemens. Check online for your lighting needs.

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