Important Tips For Bathtub Reglazing

If you’ve got a ghastly bathroom, you should consider bathtub reglazing, among other bathroom repairs. It is a cheaper and practical alternative to bathtub replacement. Undoubtedly, an old, dented bathtub will always standout as a blot in your bathroom.

reglazing bathtub

reglazing bathtub

Bathtub Reglazing Costs

Granted, a new bathtub may cost less than $200 but when you add all other costs – including demolition, tiles, landfill costs, and plumber costs – it quickly adds up. On the other hand, bathtub reglazing costs are pretty affordable. Fiberglass, cast-iron, and porcelain tubs can all be reglazed.

Bathtub reglazing is a project that is best left to a professional to complete. Understandably, you might be a DIY person and feel that you can complete the project on your own, but bathtub refinishing is a different proposition. Poor workmanship may compromise the appearance and durability of the coating, so ensure that the professional you hire knows what they are doing.

bathtub reglazing nyc

bathtub reglazing nyc

bathtub reglazing cost

bathtub reglazing cost

Overview of the Process

There’s a huge misconception about bathtub reglazing that the tub has to be lifted out and taken to the store. The truth is that the majority of the refinishing is completed on-site but some may need to be done off-site. Technicians who carry out this work are fully aware that work in private residences, and so they take necessary precautions to minimize the mess and overspray.

Before the reglazing starts, the technician will do the masking and set up the dropcloths too. The tub will then be repaired – any small holes are filled and the tub is primed and sealed. The bathtub is then sprayed with a glossy coating of a chosen color. The coating is highly durable paint that is unlike the ordinary paint you might be used to.

Note that reglazing a bathtub is not exactly done like the original dip-coat. However, some pricey cast-iron tubs may be taken off-site to get another dip-coat but still, this isn’t reglazing.

It’s also worth mentioning that this kind of spraying is not the usual DIY-level painting. The coatings used are specially formulated for reglazing, and the tools and methods employed cannot be easily duplicated by a person that is not skilled to do this kind of job.

There are many issues that may arise during the reglazing process. Even if you hired a professional, sometimes things may not go smoothly. Here are a few common issues that may spring up during this project:

Bubbles – If the different layers of coat are not given sufficient time to dry and set properly, then bubbles may form.

Fading – Fading will result if the reglazing coating is not given time to dry properly, or when wrong cleaners are used after reglazing, or if the coating is thinly mixed.

Rough texture – The purpose of reglazing a bathtub is to restore the smoothness of the tub surface, among other things. So if the tub’s surface is rough to touch after reglazing, then that indicates that the tub wasn’t prepared thoroughly before the reglazing was started.

Tacky feel – You shouldn’t use the bathtub if it feels sticky or tacky to the touch when the recommended curing time has elapsed. It means the coating didn’t set properly and the project may need to be redone.

bathtub reglazing

bathtub reglazing

Bathtub Reglazing Services in NYC

If you need bathtub reglazing services in NYC, browse an online directory of local home remodeling contractors or request for references from colleagues and friends.

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