Is Your Air Conditioning System Making Funny Noises?

It always seems to happen when you least expect. You come home on a sweltering hot day and switch on the air conditioning. Instead of a blast of refreshingly cold air, the system makes weird noises and the air is anything but cold. What could be going wrong?

air conditioning illustration

air conditioning illustration

Duct Noises

Sometimes you may hear strange noises that are within the air duct. These noises may sound like clanking, scratching, hissing, roaring or whistling. A number of issues may cause this including the duct itself, leaks, a problem with a specific part or a trapped bird or rodent.

Air Handler Noises

If you hear banging or clanking noises it may be an indication that your unit has a bad compressor. Hissing and bubbling noises are signs of a leaky refrigerant line. A constant clicking noise means that the thermostat has probably gone bad. Any type of buzzing noise usually corresponds to a problem with the electrical connections.

Get Professional Assistance

Noises mean that there is something that is preventing your air conditioner from functioning normally. Continuing to run it without inspecting it for damage is risky. It is better to head off any serious complications by calling in a professional air conditioning repair service. An expert will inspect your system and find exactly what is wrong. The technician will then recommend a fast solution that will fix the problem and get it running smoothly again.

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