Moving in confidence

Most people don’t immediately consider 50-gallon drums or heavy stacks of material that must be moved quickly and safely. However, for those in manufacturing, transportation and related industries, those concerns are very real and very important.

Whether you move a pallet laden with boxes across a warehouse or you align old drums for recycling, you want equipment that works and works reliably. Sturdy hand carts and trucks that have safety straps and wheels and castors that don’t collapse are only two concerns.

Packing easily with handwrap stretch film

stretch film – courtesy of

Hoists and winches should support more weight and tension than your operations would normally require, embedding the extra safety as a matter of course. The tensile strength of chains and the sturdiness of the closed hooks allow confident use time and again.

Your chains, cables and even rope should be undamaged, non-frayed and fully capable of providing the load or item placement security you need. Never should you have to interrupt your work flow, wondering if you have the right equipment on hand.

Even your storage equipment for tools or repair equipment should be above doubt. When you have confidence in your maintenance, for example, you have confidence in your equipment.

For those reasons and so many more, find drum handling equipment at and improve your operations confidence today.

Posted in Appliances on Jun 28th, 2019, 11:49 am by andre

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