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shower door replacement parts

shower door replacement parts

Replacing shower door parts can be a very tricky process to endure.  For the most part these items are not usually lying around in a spare parts container at the local hardware shop.  If it were that easy people wouldn’t need assistance in finding the right solutions to repair their shower enclosure.  The doors that enclose a shower stall or tub surround system can come in a couple of different varieties and the majority of them are not interchangeable.  The companies responsible for manufacturing these items incorporate their own methods and engineering in the designs of the products they promote.

In order to find the correct shower door replacement parts it will be necessary to locate certain items on the door itself.  A manufacturers mark, brand name, series name, make, model and / or serial number will need to be located in order to ensure the right materials are ordered and delivered.  If none of this information can be found on the equipment that is currently installed the client may have to search through image data bases in order to find their product line and model.  This method of discovery can be a very long and complicated procedure to undertake just to find a few simple replacement parts.

Shower Door Replacement Parts

Shower door parts are completely different from one manufacturer to the next.  Some will use and overhead bar with a roller and hanging door system, while others will use small sidelights in conjunction with hinges to attach the actual door.  The glass that they use in these products comes in a variety of thicknesses, weights, heights, lengths and widths.  It also comes in a variety of different styles and colors.  Trying to find the exact piece that is needed requires extensive knowledge of working with these types of shower enclosure systems.

shower door parts

shower door parts

Frameless Shower Door Parts

The problems can become even more complex if the client is searching for frameless shower door parts since these types of enclosures require professional installation by a certified and qualified glazer familiar with working with glass.  The glass for these systems can be extremely heavy and needs to be carried and positioned by people skilled in the art of installing a shower door.  Clients in need of replacing parts of this nature should consult a local glass shop to schedule an appointment.  Exact measurements will need to be taken which can only be done by those with the proper knowledge of working with fragile material.

Regardless of what type of shower door parts the home owner is in need of the best resource for finding the right parts and having them replaced is by contacting and consulting with a professional glazer.  There are glass shops in almost every country on the planet with exception of the Polar Regions so finding one should be as easy in looking in a local business directory.  A community phone book will provide all the contact information the client will need in order to make the necessary arrangements to have their problem addressed and corrected in the shortest amount of time.

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