The Ceiling Fan Edge Over Other Cooling Devices

Almost everyone knows that a well-placed ceiling fan can be one functional appliance that no house should be without–especially where warm climates predominate throughout the year. Reading below, you’ll soon discover four top ways you can quickly benefit by using ceiling fans without sacrificing your comfort, self-created ambiance or your wallet.

ceiling fan, image courtesy of

ceiling fan, image courtesy of

Cooler Temperatures
While many people often opt for air conditioners, installing a ceiling fan can automatically lower room temperatures by a full five degrees. Running with an air conditioner, ceiling fans help the larger appliance run much smoother and more efficiently.

Airborne Pest Repellant
Installed above a kitchen or dining room area, you’ll have one giant automatic fly swatter of sorts. Well, almost…

Create A Charming Ambiance
Becoming part of a room’s decor and design, they save valuable space as opposed to a desk or standing tower fan. Moreover, floating unobtrusively from the ceiling far above any playing children and/or pets is another appreciated benefit as well.

Improved System Equals Reduced Energy Bills
Gone are the days when a hanging ceiling fan meant having a noisy eyesore in the room that could increase your monthly light bill. Today, good circulation produced from a ceiling fan gives you up to 8 degrees cooler temperatures and reduces monthly electric bills by nearly 40 percent. Made more efficient with better designed blades, balanced motors and being lighter in weight as well, today’s fans are conveniently bought through quality online e-stores such as Crescent Harbor Modern.

Today, by simply clicking “order today,” ceiling fans are readily available in various styles, designs and price ranges as you conveniently shop online from your own laptop or choice digital device.

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