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If you have wanted a deck but have put it off because you think you have no place to install one, check out the elevated decks from Decks are great for extending your living space and the elevated deck system will show you how easy it is to install a deck just about anywhere- even over a roof. Our pre-manufactured decking components consist of adjustable pedestals so you can install over slopes and other areas that are not level, and a variety of pavers for the surface area.

Utilize elevate roof deck system

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With an elevated deck system you can have a rooftop patio, terrace, balcony, or pool deck without worrying about gradient or drainage. Previous cement slabs that have suffered upheaval from the cycles of freezing and thawing could result in costly removal; however, easily conceal it for use of the space once again by using the Elevated Deck System. Unlike cement, the pedestal supports are not affected by the weather.

elevate roof deck system with wood tiles

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They are made from a high density polypropylene that is unaffected by the freeze and thaw cycles. The recyclable material is also waterproof and resistant to mold. The pedestals can be fine-tuned on the job to the exact specifications for a level surface area. If you prefer wood over the pavers for the surface of your deck, the pedestals also work with a traditional wood joist and plank system. Elevated deck Systems can help you with the design and lay-out of your project whether you are looking for a residential or commercial deck.

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