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The ultimate for any tinkerer or car mechanic is a high quality toolbox with multiple drawers, storage options, rollers and durable construction. When looking for a toolbox, most people only consider the size and numbers of drawers, but there are a number of things that you have to consider when purchasing a toolbox. For one, is it made with quality?

There are a ton of toolboxes out there made with shoddy craftsmanship and less than durable materials. The Waterloo toolboxes at show off an amazing steel construction with inner and draw fronts, caster channels, aluminum corners, dual sets of drawer slides and powder coating.

Gladiator toolbox

Gladiator toolbox – courtesy of

They also come in a variety of different sizes and colors, from small three-drawer rolling options to over 20 drawers with all types of storage capabilities. The best thing about owning a toolbox is the versatility of the drawers and high quality construction. These toolboxes were made to withstand any type of environment. They also come with a limited warranty.

Waterloo toolboxes are truly some of the best made toolboxes that you’ll find on the market. They come with a variety of different storage options and include tubular lock and keys, dual sets of drawer slides and the larger drawers even have a 550 pound capacity for those heavy duty tools. They include a premium drawrer liner and 1/2 black MDF work surface.

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