Various Places To View Sculptures

Many unique sculptures can be found in museums and at parks. In Maine, there are several places to view classy exhibits on a sunny day.

sculpture photo courtesy of

sculpture photo courtesy of

The Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is located at the University of England. At this event, many sculptors display their work on the grounds. Also, several other sculptures can be viewed on UNE grounds on Stevens Avenue.

Portland International Jetport
In the spring, two sphere sculptures were installed at the Portland International Jetport. The sculptor used sheer rings that were salvaged to make the spheres. The entire sphere sits high in the air because the outer sphere rests on a stand. Inside the larger sphere, there is a smaller sphere that hangs and moves whenever the wind blows.

Viles Arboretum
The Viles Arboretum in Augusta features a trail that has dozens of stone sculptures. It is an ideal place for hikers who enjoy art.

Museum Touring Guide
To experience more sculptures, considering visiting any established museum. Because you will stand and walk constantly, bring plenty of water or energy drinks. Typically, museum tours are more fun with friends. By touring in a group, everyone can provide unique opinions about the exhibits.

Sculptures can be viewed inside and outside in a variety of cities. To make the experience enjoyable, bring a few friends and several beverages.

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