What Does Your Screened Porch Need?

If you are thinking about putting a screened porch on your house, you’re probably trying to create an outdoor area that still has some of the amenities and comforts of being inside. You want to be able to feel the warm summer breeze, but you want to do it without the flies or bugs that often come along in the summer. In order to promote this idea of comfortable living and to make sure that people use the area as often as possible, you may want to think about adding the following things to your porch.

1. A table and chairs.
The best part about a porch with a screen to protect it is that you can use it as an eating area. Are you looking for the best place to feast on those hamburgers and hotdogs that you just cooked up on the grill? This is the perfect area to do it. You are just a few steps from your grill so that you can cook and relax at the same time. You get to enjoy your meal outside and get a needed break from being in the office. An outdoor dining set makes the space functional and attractive.

screened porch image

screened porch, image courtesy of archadeck.com

2. Extra lighting.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use the porch all night long if you install your own exterior lighting. This makes it a great place to gather for family reunions or just when you want to have a few friends over. You may want to consider things like solar lights, which do not need cords or batteries, or LED lights, which last for a long time before you have to replace the bulbs. Of course, since the porch is going to be connected to the house, you could also have wires run for robust, traditional lighting – like wall sconces – when the porch itself is being built.

3. A bar and a grill.
One of the most popular ways to finish off a porch is by putting in a bar that has a space for your grill to be attached to it. You get a sink, running water, storage cabinets and much more. You can even put in a small fridge for drinks and refreshments. With a porch that has a setup like this, you are barely ever going to feel the need to go inside for the rest of the summer.

Posted in Outdoor on Jul 10th, 2019, 11:49 pm by andre

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